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Altaf Adam
Recently, several number of posts have been announced by provincial government across the province. Especially in Turbat and Awaran. Approximately, above than 100 posts of defferent vacant seats for cadet colleges of Awaran and Turbat. The posts are involved peon, watchman, cook, lab assistents and many more for both males and females of the districts. But unluckily, the leaders and authority members of the districts are selling the posts and demanding money from the candidates. Particularly in Awaran, where several candidates have applied their forms for the posts. But they are demanding money from the applicants. Their demands of money for the posts on different prices. However, a person, a resident of Awaran said, “They demand different prices for the posts. Such as for peon post their demand is 3 lakhs, for watchman 7 lakhs etc”. Like wise the bigger posts the bigger amount of their demands. Moreover, government has announced that the test and interviews will be conducted for these all posts. Instead conducting test and interviews, the posts are sold by money. If someone has money then s/he would get post otherwise poor should remain far from. Even though most of poor people are talented and eligible to pass process of interview and writing. But due to paying money, they become helpless and could not get.Finally i plea to government must take notice against the issue so that the poor and educated members of the sociaty may not face unjustice and get employment

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