Are you addicted to mobile. phone?

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Iqra Rasheed Sial
“IF YOUR PHONE FEELS MORE LIKE A LIMB THAN A TOOL, YOU MIGHT JUST BE ADDICTE” Nomophobia an abbreviation of “NO-MOBILE-PHONE-PHOBIA” is a result of mobile addiction or fear of mind without mobile phones is very common nowadays with all age groups. The study found: 40% of people surveyed felt lost without their phone 34% lost sleep due to the time spent on their phone 54% found themselves occupied on their phone when they should be doing other things, and it caused problems. Previously there were only three basic needs of human being food, shelter and clothes but now mobile is also included in it. According to several surveys, people are spending more than 4 hours in a day with mobile and children are far ahead. This issue becomes serious when one uses mobile without any need of it and repeating it mindlessly converts it into a form of mechanical habit, which results in addiction. Addictions are those negative programmes of mind which force human beings to repeat any act without considering its bad effect on health, time and energy. Being addicted to the use of a smartphone seems like a trivial problem compared to using drugs or other dangerous substances. But researchers are finding that cell phone addiction has a more significant impact than we know. Even though smartphones are integrated into all aspects of our lives, don’t overlook the way these pocket-sized devices are impacting our health. How to transform nomophobia? You are not robot: Any addiction is the result of repetition of an act without being aware of it. When you repeat any act mechanically or unconsciously, it becomes a part of unconscious mind and it focus you to behave like a robot and you use mobile so many times even when there is no use of it , so break your mechanical patterns of using mobile and behave like live conscious human beings. Set Specific Goals: Be clear regarding how much time you want to spend on the phone and how it will be used. For example, you might limit yourself to 30 minutes per day of social media scrolling, and keep the phone in the other room during meals. Fasting with mobile and social media: To break your fixed pattern or not to be nomophobic, keep on doing fasting with mobile i.e keep yourself away from mobile phone and social media for at least once in a week for around 3 to 4 hours or more in daytime and on holidays. This will help you a lot to come out from the phobia.Develop hobbies: develop hobbies that feed your soul. Replace the games and social media apps with hands-on, real-world activities, like meeting up with friends, creating music or art, or doing volunteer work.Identify and become aware of triggers: everyone has a certain set of triggers that make them automatically want to indulge in their habit of using mobile such as stress, fear, desire of likes, self- advertisement etc write all those triggers and invest your time in healthier habits with joy and peace. Start from self: be the role model for your family,do not behave just like as hypocrite or preacher also turn off all notifications which are not necessary. Adopt a growth mindset: Brief relapses, adjustments, and withdrawal symptoms are part of a journey toward healthier phone use. Don’t expect to get it right immediately. Expect some setbacks, and learn from each experience.

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