Man knows more, feels less

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Sajid Umrani
Science and technology have disclosed the secrets of this universe. Today, a man knows more than his ancestors had ever dreamt of. There has been a tremendous explosion of knowledge which has brought about a complete change in the life of the modern man. He has become preoccupied with acquiring knowledge, taking up a good job and earning to provide material comforts for himself. He has no time to stand and stare. He has lost ability to feel, observe and perceive. In the past, people were not so self-centered. They felt for their fellow human beings. There were more sensitive and perceptive. They had time to enjoy the beauty of nature in the company of loved ones. Nowadays, life has become mechanical. It is certainly comfortable, but devoid of any beauty and charm. The modern society has taken humans away from humanness and reduced them to mere machines. It’s the same situation which is illustrated by Oliver Goldsmith in his poem ” Ill fares the land to hastening ills a prey Where wealth accumulates, and men decay”. People are running after money, and they have forgotten the real essence of life. There’s a dire need of understanding and respecting human feelings and emotions. This is what today’s helpless people immensely require.

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