Agriculture in Pakistan

Abdul Baseer Farooq
Agriculture is defined as a scientific-technological and research-oriented approach towards raising crops, raring of animals, commercially through exporting the natural resources, like soil, water, air, sunlight to make the necessities of life that are food, feed, and fibre with the coordination of social-economic infrastructure. Pakistan is 7th Top country in agriculture Pakistan lies between 23 and 37 degrees north latitudes and 61 and 76 degrees east longitudes. The annual growth rate in the agriculture sector over the last five decades has remained at 3.4% per annum. The average land-use intensity in Pakistan is 89% and the average cropping intensity is 122%. There are two main growing seasons in Pakistan,i.e Kharif(Summer) and Rabi(Winter). Pakistan’s Largest food crop is wheat.. Agriculture has considered the backbone of Pakistan’s Pakistan most agricultural province is Punjab where wheat is grown. Pakistan is the 7th Largest producer of wheat,5th in sugarcane,4th In mango and 11th in Rice. Forest of Pakistan is the main source of food, paper, medicine e t c. The province of Balochistan has a high economic potential, many areas of Balochistan are suitable for growth, such as almonds and walnuts.

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