A Promised Land

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Shehnaz Majeed
A Promised Land is a refreshing honest book of one of the best presidents of America Barack Obama. In this book he isn’t trying to portray as personality or claim he didn’t make mistakes. It’s his honest accounting of his presidencial campaign. Further this book covers Obama’s life up through the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011. He portraid the parts about his early career to be particularly interesting. He does an excellent job describing how challenging he found politics, especially when he was just starting out. This book A Promised Land is like a conversation Obama is having with himself — questioning his ambition, wrestling with whether the sacrifices were worth it, toggling between pride in his administration’s accomplishments and self-doubt over whether he did enough. In the book he put a glence of his life as a president and it’s a crystal fact in the book Obama inspired the young people to play their part in remarking the world for better.


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