Tribal community opposed but I continued services as humanitarian: Col. Taj Sultan


Afghan Taliban being scared of US always denied to provide territory,

I have always fulfilled my responsibility in the best possible way. Col. Taj Sultan’s interview to the Daily Parliament Times.,

-Interview by Javed Rahi.!

The role of “protectors” is of utmost importance in any country or society. Especially when these “protectors” are devoted to good intentions and patriotism then an atmosphere of peace and tranquility is created in the society or country. In this regard, the role of the security agencies, especially the “forces” is the most important. Their expedient measures also eliminate the evil elements in the society And the situation of discipline also improves. All such persons present in the institutions are the capital of the country and the nation who perform their duties with sincerity. Throughout his service, he not only took all possible steps for the betterment of the country but also completed many projects for the welfare of the people. As soon as he started his service as a part of Pakistan Army, he was equipped with the spirit of patriotism and became brave enough to face all kinds of dangers During his service he performed his duties at various places with utmost diligence. Ascending the ladder of success he finally retired from the Pakistan Army as a Colonel but his spirit of service to the country and the nation did not depart from him. Some of the attributes of human empathy, being so simple and wordless, become their identity only in relation to the needs of this material world Col. Taj Sultan, a adviser National Commission on the Rights of Child NCRC, said he had completed his professional service as a colonel.
When the work of reaching out to the people started, the tribal community, showing full non- cooperation, put obstacles in our way and did not give any importance to our party But I did not give up and worked with the tribal people on the rocky paths as far as possible to help the suffering humanity, including my doctors and surgeons to operate with medicine, to educate the children. For the establishment of schools, etc. In view of these services, they were ready to assist us in making our program active With the help of N, we destroyed such notorious government fugitives hiding here and there and arrested them and handed them over to the police. But provided all kinds of rations and warm blankets, clothes, etc. As a result of this initiative, those who did not look favorably on the army also
joined us. With regard to the education of their children, they were admitted in various cadet schools and colleges. Ensured the provision of Army Doctor and Lady Doctor for treatment. Promoted sports in educational institutions and other walks of life, distributed prizes among the teams on both sides Even
those who were the lifeblood of the country’s situation, thanks to their highly trained qualities, made them part of a responsible society. He said that we have removed the fear of army from the hearts of the people of these tribal areas and replaced it with the spirit of patriotism. Distributed fruits and sweets at every festival, South Waziristan and Afghanistan Jihad ended. Afghan Taliban had extreme hatred against America in their hearts He used to say that we would not allow our territory to be used
against anyone but I managed to control my program in spite of all the efforts of such elements to activate it. After retiring from the Army in 2011 Officer Peshawar launches jihad against crime in Mansehra. Destroyed and arrested them and handed them over to the district police and sent cases to anti-tariff courts, military courts and took active steps to clean up the filth of this society by imposing severe punishments. Col (retd) Taj Sultan in an interview with the Daily Parliament Times News paper said that I have always fulfilled my responsibility in the best possible way. Perform duties In April 2021, the Additional IG
took over the charge of prisons and equipped the prisons of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area with modern references. He raised the head of humanity by reshaping the Peshawar Jail with modern requirements, initiating the welfare of prisoners and their comfort and training. He not only provided public call office
and other necessary facilities to the inmates in the jails but also imparted corrective understanding to the inmates by attributing these jails to modern industry. IGs have been He has succeeded in the war on terror as the mission of Taj Sultan was to eradicate terrorism and extremism. Public Safety Commission
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was appointed and Director Public safety commission and DIG CTD north zone comprising 2nd division Malakand and Hazra he performed his services very well till 2018 which is a matter of pride. After that Col. (retd) Taj Sultan was appointed Additional IG Prisons Khyber Pakhtunkhwa And by April 2021, he has been instrumental in the improvement of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa prisons. He has rendered his services in every department with sincerity and good faith. Col. (retd) Taj
Sultan said that at present I am performing my duty as advisor in National Commission on the Rights of Child NCRC. Inshallah

I am doing my best on this platform At the end of the interview, Col. (retd) Taj Sultan thanked the team of the Daily Parliament Times News paper and the Chief Executive of International
Global Times Media Europe, Ikramuddin, and wished them well.Ikramuddin, Chief Executive of Global
Times Media, praised the national and international services.

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