Peace without justice and no tolerance, how dream of development in region come true? Dr Muhammad Tahir

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Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, President of International Think Tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD said that the dream of peace and development in the region is based on the principles of justice, tolerance, peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute and religious coexistence. Only possible. Peace is not possible without justice. We must speak out against oppression. He was talking to eminent religious scholar Mufti Zameer Ahmed Sajid, human rights activists Dr. Shagufta Naseer Abbasi, Umair Pervez Khan and Dr. Bushra Abbasi. Secretary General of INSPAD Ms. Kishwar Aqeel was also present on the meeting.
Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum said that humanity is being humiliated, bloodshed and lack of sense of responsibility has been created. Social evils and racial prejudice have created cracks in the society. There is no harmony between religions. How can peace be maintained in time?
Mufti Zameer Ahmad Sajid said that Islam is a religion of peace and security and conspiracies are being hatched against it in every age. Now even Muslims are being targeted. Is desperately needed.There is no tolerance even in religion and politics. It is time for unity so that all conspiracies can be fought together. Dr. Shagufta Naseer Abbasi said that human rights violations are spreading in every region of the world. A blunt policy should be formulated. People are suffering from mental health in this chaotic age. The principles of hygiene are being violated. We will organize a series of lectures on these important issues in collaboration with INSPAD. Mrs Kishwar Aqeel said that besides traditional education, the new generation should also be introduced to Islamic traditions, norms and culture. Our new generation is suffering from confusion and pressure. Umair Pervez Khan, a doctoral student from Turkey, said that government’s efforts to resolve the long-running Kashmir dispute were insufficient and there was an urgent need for diplomacy by formulating a clear policy. President and Secretary General INSPAD presented Ambassadors of peace certificates to Mufti Zameer Ahmed Sajid, Dr Shagufta Naseer Abbasi and Mr Umair Pervez Khan on their services for peace, human rights and religious harmony.

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