The Rules are for poor public

Jamal Rahim Hoshabi
In Turbat city students are facing problems due to lack of law because of hike rates. Mostly the students are in private rooms giving the monthly fee to room owners and do you know a single room monthly Philanthropism is how much, it is 7000 without gas bill or other needed facilities bill. However in Turbat most of the students eat food from hotels for not expending more money but unfortunately, food price is Accessive than like gold price, eta there a black cup of tea costs twenty rupees, a single plate of rice cost hundred rupees, a plate of potato costs only hundred rupees without breads, and in main bazar a fake pointer pen cost 20 rupees, a common photocopy page cost 10 rupees and a photo cost 25 rupees. Moreover due to these hike prices students are compelled to leave their study to go work with a farmer in a Paddies for being alive in the life and i my self is a student reading in Turbat city I have the proves what I wrote . furthermore in this inflation time, those students who have money they are going to other prominent cities for getting great education and those who were managed their study in Turbat nowadays they are leaving their study because of no more money for this cruel inflation time. Thus I request to the government of Balochistan to take action against inflation in Turbat as soon as possible.

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