Crisis of electricity in Balochistan

Shereen, Hub
Sir, Balochistan is located at the Eastern edge of the Iranian plateau and in the difficult define the border region between Southwest, Central, and South Asia. It is geographically the largest of the four provinces at 347,190km² and composes 42% of the total area of Pakistan. At this time, we need to pay attention to national issues, and they are at the forefront of national issues. The government needs to pay full attention to the issues of Balochistan. Balochistan is the most important province of Pakistan and now we can say that the importance of this province has increased even more. Now, this province is also the most important part of the Gwadar and home of the C-pack project. In context, solving the problems of Balochistan is key to Importance. Balochistan has become a helpless province due to a lack of electricity struck- citizens and villagers are faced to chant slogans. Some angry people throw stones at vehicles and suspend traffic while innocent people are harmed in the process. processions are shouting that in their areas” I have no electricity for 12 to 15 hours”. Lack of electricity has severely affected daily life. Lake of power has made it difficult for women to do household chores. At home, it is already unbearable for the weak and old people. however, the supply of water has been suspended due to due to power outage. Residents of the area have missed the water drop by drop. Taking advantage of the situation the tanker Mafia has increased the rates. Lack of water and electricity which are the basic components of human needs in life has turned their lives into a double-edged sword.There is a lot of power generation in Balochistan but sometimes power outages, blackouts, etc. Whether it is cold or hot power outages have been made mandatory sometimes is usual and sometimes an announced the power goes out all day many times the coming end going of electricity has created a lot of problems for those who work with electricity Flake of electricity is a big crisis due to which all the people face a lot of difficulties whether they belong to any sector such as students, sock traders, Industrialist farmers laborers, artisans, farmer’s, and housewives, etc.Due to which our economic and industrial needs are not being met. Due to the lack of electricity everyday things run on electricity become useless, Such as refrigerators, VCRs, televisions, and computers, etc. Power outages include corruption, dishonesty, irresponsibility, misuse of resources, and lack of interest from our government. It is very important to find a solution to the economic problems of Balochistan. Without which Pakistan cannot formulate. The government should be made to realize that the people of Balochistan are equal citizens of Pakistan. They have as many rights over Pakistan as other provinces.It is requested to the government solve the problems of Balochistan as soon as possible that people can live a prosperous life and move on the path of success.

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