The Psychopath Khan

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Naseebullah Khan
He has been exposed. His so-called face as a true democrat, as an anti_corrpution figure__ his misogynist attitude, and incompetency has brought the country on the economic decline, political uncertainty, institutional imbalance, and moral dearth. He used to bell the mantra of eradication of corruption, but the country has fallen to corrupt practices more during his tenure. His cabinet members involved in corruption have either fled abroad or still are enjoying the cabinet slots. His ill mind-set about institutions has pushed them to the wall. Whereas his and his team’s incompetency has brought the economy to the verge of collapse. His previous exaggerated statements concerning rule of law, democracy, women, governance, political opponents, institutions, his attitude of mocking others, his stubbornness, his promises of reforms, and his unattainable manifesto have become his headache. His previous alliance with the TLP in the enmity of the then rulers has become an undigested pile for him. It has been 38 months since he has assumed power as a chief executive. It had better he and his cabinet focus on governance, economic progress, political stability, and reforms, rather he has wasted these months in propaganda and political victimization along with vendetta. Resultantly, the country has been suffering in a myriad of fields on internal and external fronts. A leader should have the capacity to handle crisis-ridden situations, step back for national interests, and to behave like a head of the family for the unity of the state. Unfortunately, he has failed to do such intentionally. His psychopathic approach has damaged not only him but has deteriorated the socioeconomic indicators of the country. His lack of farsightedness testifies that what he is reaping, he had sowed. Despite the support of all institutions, he has failed to deliver. He has damaged the economy, the political situation, and democracy at a bitter level. The economic destruction which his flowed policies have done, cannot be overcome easily__for which a national consensus is the need of the hour which, the ebbing and psychopath khan is reluctant to do.

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