Incumbent government failed to activate NAB genuinely: PQI Chairman

Karachi(Daily Parliament Times): Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed has expressed serious concern on frequent usage of ordinances by the sitting government, bypassing Parliament.

He said a meeting of PQI discussed the issue of the NAB 3rd Amended Ordinance, and noted that the ordinance-making factory of the President House is bypassing constitution, law and parliament and making laws through ordinances, particularly focusing the accountability laws. He said that the sitting government has made the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) inactive. They have ended the independent status of the NAB Chairman and given power to the Prime Minister to sack the NAB Chairman at his sweet will, bypassing the role of Supreme Judicial Council.

He said the aim of this government is to use the accountability laws solely against the opposition and in favour of the government. He said giving NAB under the control of Executive is interference into the sphere of judiciary. He said the NAB has made toothless and accountability laws a tool to witch hunt the opposition, which is not acceptable at any cost.

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