Climate change

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Ali Gul Napar
Climate change is caused by some major greenhouse gases, such as methane, CFCs and carbon dioxide. It has, however, spread impacts on human life well as acquainte life. Some masses can be taken to reducing control climate change, for suppose, controlling greenhouse gases and anthropogenic activities.The largest driver of warming climate is emission of gases that create a greenhouse effect , the percentages 90% are carbon dioxide (Co2) and methane. Global wrm usually refers to human. Climate change indeed warming of the earth system. Climate change can refer to natural as anthropogenic change. Similarly, there are some cases of global warming. Humanity’s , Deforestation , Industrial waste. The effects climate change span the physical environment, ecosystem and human societies, such as, human causes climate change is one of the threats. There are many restaurants, it is impacted on climate change. People want to reduce green gas emissions. If they avoid from the gases which they are using. The climate has increasingly been effected by human activities. Conclusion. The warming in the average temperature of the earth leads the global dynamic of nature into gruesome apocalypse. Climate change, a phenomenon of increasing heat – waves, has almost affected all the segments of socioeconomic, ecological and human lifecycle of the world.

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