Dream, Destiny and Courage

Shamila Nasir Ali
It is Commonly believe that Dreams are not those that come while you’re sleeping rather dreams are those which are seen with open eyes and which doesn’t let you sleep. Everyone is eager to see dreams with closed eyes, but real dreamers are the ones who are passionate to see dreams with open eyes and they have the dare and courage to fulfill them. Besides this, everybody has a dream in their life but unfortunately sometimes that dream does not come true due to compulsion and takes them away from that and then they think that maybe it wasn’t in our destiny but not everything can be called destiny. Not everything consists of destiny. Sometimes destiny also consists on yourself. Remember this you’re destiny and luck are created by you,the better you work for your destiny the more successful you become! As a great personality quoted that,”The harder you work,the luckier you get.” Destiny is in your hand . It can be whatever you want it to be.Never let your compulsion overwhelm your dreams. Never let the storms disturb your paths,just have the courage and guts to move towards your destination and stand stronger than the luck and failure. Don’t just dare to dream. Dare to fulfill dreams. Dreams need courage and that courage will help you move forward. To glorify, not everything is easy, but with courage, nothing is difficult. We always say I wish I could get it, I wish I could go there, I wish it could happen don’t just wish also work for that. Oprah Winfray beautifully justifies it,”You become what you believe,not what you think or what you want.”So make sure to make your believe unlimited,and work hard to make your own destiny. Try to have the courage to face the hardships so as to reach your destination. Hence,Dream big and dare to fail,And dare to fulfill it.

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