Around the Noori; Trip to Thatta Short travelogue

Nazir Ahmed
I feel immense pleasure and proud to mention that we are the luckiest batch in history of SZAB university of Law Karachi, to have first ever successful study trip. The faces who faced the hardships and still put their efforts, can never be forgotten in this inaugural activity. It had passed 30 days from moving an application to providing all the requirements to administration. On the 22nd October we just went through documentation and came back to the flats without celebrating the coming day. Knowing about trip’s confirmation and schedule, now everyone was shocked out of excitement and none would have slept comfortably. Saturday, came with tolling bells, Alarm felt so sweet, which usually is tested bitter, and could never open eyes so easily, but this time it had done so at once. Indeed, it shows the level of excitement. We, having Ajraks on shoulders and Sindhi and Mao Caps on the heads were on the ways to the Versity. Hugging all was not new thing. Bus; first at slow pace and then faster like fairies, moved to the destination.From the straight highways of Karachi, westwards; as far as the Great Indus River, extend the parallel hills of Thatta_ The ancient capital of Sindh during imperial times, which during our one-day journey presented the flashbacks of attacking troops and echoing royal orders. We drove there in the days of haze and crop-cutting season to grow new seedlings of wheat crop. We in bus, had the speaker, that played songs of the legends; Jalal Chandio and Manjhi Faqeer; reminding us the late night tractors running in fields.Celebration of the victory started with the Chae party offered by Sir Kamil Khan. And then he sung the sindhi song of Allan Faqeer with fine-tune:We reached the Makli, Where a a prosecutor friend of Sir Kamil Welcomed us and presented cultural gifts of Ajrak to all our faculty members. Sir Sajid Khaskheli briefly took us through the history of Makli: “They are many myths related to the name of Makli. Few say that It is name behind “Maee Makli “. Others relate it with Hindu Dharam and conclude that Makli is deformed Name of Maa Kaali_ A devi .While the most famous narration is, word Makli is actually extracted from the ancient story of a oldman who passing by this area, after deep sleep, started shouting “Haza Makli Means Half/little Mecca” but nothing of above myths is much authentic.” Sir Irrfan Hussain Zaidi, added that: “Makli is biggest graveyard having atleast 5 Million graves or may be more. It is also matter of debate that How much biggest it is if campared to parallel world?” We observed Makli a Dargahi (Devotional) Place also, that is too much astonishing thing for us. The architecture of Makli tombs represents different ages of invasions of different nations. Hot day had no impact on our exploring eyes, everyone discovered as much as he wanted or he could. It was the same zeal that none had faced less exploration at the Shah-Jahan Mosque. To check the architectural expertises of the ancient sindh, Sir Kamil Called “Allah-O Akber” and we experienced that due to 100 tombs; the voice echoed at high sounds in whole mosque and in whole surroundings. Well, The reddish brown tiles, engraved walls and bluishish paints have increased its glory more. After seeing Shah-Jahan Mosque, The moving tires of bus were moving towards the Bank of the Keenjhar_ which seems more romantic than before due to its misty layers over the floating graves and wavering waters. If Speaker should have played Shah Latif’s Vai (????) in Abida Parveen’s Voice, the journey would have seemed more aesthetic:Translation: She sits midst of fishermen with handful of diamonds, As long as Tamachi lives, Noori is favoured. (Shah Bhittai) In Between, we wandering youngsters seemed unconscious of all the love-makings of Noori and Tamachi. We just wanted the waters and the waves to dance with them and with the trees and the flowers. It is another thing that love can not be denied that’s why before the lunch “Typical Jamalo Dance” was our prior choice. Everybody Thanked ownself for bringing meal for atleast ownself. After taking it, Everyone took the pictures besides the Keenjhar Lake. We went for boating, before they start entertainment; I sat on the deck, leaving all the sounds and funs behind me in the silent and wavering thoughts of “Her and The Noori” and “Me and The Tamachi”. Who the hell I am to compare all these things! Huh..! Anyways, Everyone at the lake might have thought that Makli has become very old due to ruthlessness of time. While Keenjhar, due to its Legends of love and the natural milue has been blooming and seeing its youthful days. So, it can not be wrong to say that: “All we, beauty beholders are as if Jam Tamachi and Keenjhar itself is Noori.” Well, Upon the water, we could feel the upcoming winter. It was our unfortune that we got the hot day for the trip but the landing sun realized us of the cold nights. We loved to have the Jamalo Dance with Sir Kamil and Sir Sajid. The good company of Sir Wasif Qudoos and Irrfan Hussain Zaidi had bestowed goodness to the tour. I remember the Red threads that my friends bought from one of the Dargah at Makli, T hey had no connection with devotion or anything else. As the symbol of red love for eachother, we just tied them with much love. In the noises, I instead of songs, just remember the words of Sir Kamil: “It is Love to contribute with zeal and zest with students. And I love them a lot”_ And everyone roared with Slogans: “Szabul ki pahchan, Sir Kamil Khan_ Kamil Khan…..!” And for the mother versity: “Kheencho chamber, Maro Burst Szabul Versity Zabrdast….!” Coming back from Keenjhar, Javed broke the ice and recited his own poetry that I liked very much:On returning back, The faces had no smiles but the hidden question marks, because afterall we were sailing back to the same boring routines with the protocol of police mobile and security guards. After having evening chae in Thatta, everyone was seemed to be drowned into memories, that have to live long as the history, the earth and skies live long. The echos of songs were vanished with turning off the speaker. Everyone’s mood looked dim, faded and turned off. We should have played this song just before leaving the bus and the hugs of friends:

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