INSPAD President urges Pakistan to highlight Poonch incident in UN


Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) : Think tank the Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) President and former adviser to the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum has said that every Indian attempt to suppress the Kashmir issue has exposed it to the world. And it is causing disgrace. Kashmiris have proved by making immense sacrifices for the sake of freedom that they will not compromise in any price on right to self determination and unity of Kashmir. The martyrdom of four more Kashmiri youths and the torture of human rights activist Muhammad Ahsan Ontu is a reprehensible act. In a statement on the founding day of Azad Kashmir, Dr. Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that this day reminds us of the sacrifices of our forefathers who ended the Dogra rule despite being unarmed and the great Kashmiri legend politician Ghazi Millat Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan By adopting the resolution of accession to Pakistan at his residence, he determined the future direction of the Kashmiri people and maintained this emotional connection in every difficult time. He said that in occupied Poonch, the Indian Army is complacent, several hundred people have been arrested and oppression and violence and doing state terrorism are taking place under the pretext of search operation. Why are international organizations silent?
Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that Pakistan should immediately report the incidents in Poonch to the United Nations and the international bodies should be informed about it. More passion and encouragement.
That is why Poonch is becoming a graveyard of the Indian Army.
He said that Kashmir issue was a burning flame and a nuclear flashpoint and only a quick and peaceful solution could bring peace and development in the region.


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