Your life depends on me. (WATER)

Sohail Sunjar
Water is tasteless, colorless, and has no smell and cost, but still, it is more expensive than diamond, gold, and money. Water is such thing which we have, but we don’t know the value of it. We are dependent on water. If there is no water on the surface of Earth, then it means that there is no life on the earth. A person works for three hours and after that he becomes thirsty and he drinks water. And when he will drink it, then that time he realizes that how water is important and a natural smile will come on his face which cannot be defined by words. So we should save water for the coming generation. They also need water. But if we can’t save it, then we should not waste it. How we are using water is completely terrible. It is showing that water will be finished very soon. Because of this scientists are doing many experiments on the water to make artificial water. But they are not getting success on this and their experiments are being failed. So I request the people that they should not waste the water and use limited water for their works.

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