Sayad Dilmurad
Poverty is a hazardous and awful policy. It is a pulsating and Comprehensive term. In accordance the united nations figures forty percent (40%) of the world populations live under poverty-Line, the poverty-line means and should have a place of dwelling and something to eat. Such is the situation and even then the idea of birth – contral is not wekomed and there should be Some others means to be employed to check the growth of population to cuts down the poverty. But unfortunately, Balochistan has the second highest incidence of multidimencional poverty in Pakistan (after FATA region) Overall, 71% of the population in Balochistan is multi-dimensionally poor, rural population is 85% and urban population is 38 multi dimensionally poor 24-Apr 2019. Moreovere, poverty has destroyed a lot nations and countries , and also it still doing . Due to it Balochistan’s nation is aboundant trouble about this, and I pay to Allah Almighty and request to government of Pakistan try to the end poverty in Balochistan.

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