International Chef’s Day observed at Seven Chefs Institute of Culinary Arts


Karachi,(Parliament Times): Chef’s Day has been celebrated around the world since 2004 to highlight the great profession of the chef. And on the occasion of World Chef’s Day, the award was presented to the young chef at the Seven Chefs Institute of Culinary Arts. These views were expressed by Founder, Chef Jalal Haider at a function organized by Clean Green Karachi and Seven Chefs Institute of Culinary Arts on the occasion of International Chef’s Day. “Keeping the city of Karachi clean is one of our top priorities. If you take special care of cleanliness in your work kitchens, the food will be excellent and delicious. It is a natural process,” he said. Has seen that the youth of Karachi city have the enthusiasm and passion to prepare the most delicious food and Pakistan’s regional food is preferred in hotels, motels, hostels, restaurants, and other places around the world and my goal is that the youth Make the best chefs of the generation and send them to the corners of the world to brighten the name of Dear homeland Pakistan. Chef Irfan Wasti said that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan and every effort is being made to nurture the talent of the young generation. Pakistani food is called halal food all over the world which is a welcome thing for Pakistani chefs. Chef Faiza, Chef Fida, Chef Amir Sheikh, Chef Abdul Hadi, Rafia Mamoji, Chef Tahir Karimi, and others were present on the occasion. Collaborated with Kafeel Young, Shokala, Jordan Restaurant, Food Center, Jay B, Howdy Karachi, Acti Health, and Many Others. At the end of the ceremony, the chefs who completed the course were awarded shields and certificates and the guests were thanked.