Save Mohotta Palace


Sajjad. H. Cheehani
Mohotta Palace was constructed in posh area of Clifton in Karachi in 1927. The architect of this monumental Mohotta Palace was Agha Ahmed Hussain. The owner of this mesmerising Mohotta Palace was Shivrattan Mohotta a Marvari Hindu businessman of now Rajasthan. Mohotta Palace is constructed with beautiful marble stone of Rajasthan and Gizri. It holds a historical importance and has always been the centre of attraction for all the tourists either locals or foreigners. The Sindh Govt decision of converting it to medical institution is insane. The countries around the globe preserve their heritage and historical places in their true form & hue. Whereas, our Govt is busy in demolishing our heritage on the name of so-called progress.We demand our government to leave this historical palace untouched and unchanged. As the countries devastating their cultural heritages will soon loose their historical importance in the world.