Waheed M Yaqoob Brohi
Life is the name of sacrificing. It is a gift from Allah Almighty. Life creates problems, happiness, tensions in respect of every time. We people are so lucky that we are part of this world. in life we should work hard to achieve our success of life whatever be done it is just a goal to get from failures. Life gives you lessons how to live, how to endurance, how to be happy, how to be rich it all depends upon you that you are spending the life that God has given to you . We will not live forever in this momentary world so therefore, Don’t keep will of the wisp in this world. Try to sacrifice your whole life in serve of Allah almighty and his prophet Hazart Muhammad S.A.W Hence we should follow the rules and regulations of Islam what Islam teaches us . Live simple life , Never fell arrogant because the real life is that when we leave this world. Spread love with each other. Life is a very short so don’t take this world yours home, enjoy and be an honest