Eid Meelad ul Nabi celebrated across Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi, (Parliament Times) : Holy heart when you come. The birth of the Prophet is being celebrated today with full vigor and religious devotion. Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police has finalized the security plan for the district-wide Milad March In Rawalpindi, under the auspices of Central Milad Committee, streets and bazaars have been set up in Gujjar Khan, Murree and Attock and large Milad-un-Nabi marches are taking place. But POF Wah cant’s Milad March is unique. Organized by the POF Central Sirat Committee, this march is characterized by its well-organized lik military deciplin and Beautiful floats inspired their viewers.
According to the POF Central Milad Committee, the number of troops is now more than 100.