Deeds should prove us as followers of Prophet Muhammad PBUH: Dr Malik Hameedullah


KARACHI: Renowned cardiologist Dr Malik Hameedullah Awan has said that we, as followers of Prophet Muhammad, should ensure peace and stability in the country by following his teachings. Enemies also called you honest and trustworthy.
Congratulations to the entire nation on the occasion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi
Dr. Malik Hameedullah said that the life of the Prophet of Islam is a world of high morals. He established an ideal welfare state and a role model society in which everyone had equal rights and followers of all religions according to their religious beliefs. There was freedom of worship.
Dr. Hameedullah said, “I pray that such days will come again and again in our lives. The best way to celebrate this blessed day is to make a pledge to ourselves that we will prove by our actions, words and deeds that We are followers of Prophet Muhammad.
May God help us to live our days and nights in the light of the teachings of the Prophet. Amen.
I also pay tribute to all those martyrs and conquerors who made great sacrifices for the defense of the motherland.