Inflation &Hike Prices


Fawad Hussain Samo
International hike prices in petrol drove the present government to increase petrol prices and the wrong policies of the previous government caused an increase in electricity and gas. Practical steps and applications of the present government, to release the people from intense inflation, prevailing in the country, were to be made known to the people. To level allegations to previous governments is the history as old as Pakistan. Inflation in Pakistan has always been attributed to the increasing price of petrol in the international market. The government must take reasonable and effective measures to deal with inflation in the country due to the hike in prices of petrol which has an intense and adverse effect on the life of the common man. Unfortunately in our country politicians in government and in the opposition don’t take the problems of the common people into consideration but they ( the opposition) take an opportunity to sabotage the incumbent government and the government tries to avoid exposing her weak performance. The speeches of the incumbent prime minister Imran Khan are in the mind of the people which were made by him in different years in common rallies. He had severely criticised the then politicians that if inflation was there or when the value of the rupee was down, it meant that the pockets of politicians were filled with money. They deceived the common people by increasing the price of petrol in the past. Now the same question was talking of the town that when the same inflation and hike prices of petrol were there then who’s beneficiary of the existing hike prices in the petroleum. However the common people were not concerned about the political tug of war but they were expecting expedite action and steps needed to alleviate inflation and release the common people from hike prices due to which daily usage edible things and vegetables have gone out of the reach of daily wagers and those who earn meager amount of twenty or fifteen thousand monthly. The present government must take expeditious measures to get rid of poverty, inflation, unemployment and hike prices of petroleum, electricity,gas and daily edible things and hike prices of vegetables. Trust deficit among the people has been increasing because of inflation caused by hike prices on petroleum, electricity and gas.