FIA toothless against corruption and illegalities committed by its own people


Syed Fawad Ali Shah
The federal Investigation Agency was established with the sole aim of creating an Anti corruption entity that can counter corruption at federal level. FIA claims to be the “Premier Law Enforcement Agency” of the country. Initially it enjoyed public confidence but with the passage of time it lost its credibility owing to number of reasons. Continuous interference by the political bosses, nepotism, Bulk Recruitment of ruling party’s political workers, illegal take over by PSP mafia, induction of incompetent other government departments’ personnel in the name of deputation etc are one of the few reasons that led to it’s debacle. But the biggest dilemma of FIA throughout the years has remained ho to check the rampant corruption and malpractices within the ranks of FIA. For poor departments like wapda and utility stores, the FIA officers are like grouching tigers but when it comes to its own officers then it turns into meowing kitten. FIA is enjoying unbridled powers in the name of Cyber crimes. FIA officers can simply pick any journalist, teacher or other white collar professional like Gestapo but they are blind baggers when any FIA officer is caught red handed in any corruption or malpractice. One such example is that of a deputy Director in Cyber crime wing of FIA Mr. Tahir Khan who is popularly known as “Babu Jee”. This gentleman’s story is at the lips of every FIA officer starting from Constable up to DG FIA yet he is so powerful that not even a single officer was able to legal action against him. His saga of misconduct is so glittering that even a kid can identify yet the high ups of the so called premier law enforcement agency are so helpless that they avoid taking disciplinary action against him. Mr “Babu Jee” openly claims that since he has done so many economic benefits to officers sitting both in FIA and ministry of interior that all are behaving like three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi as they speak , listen or see no evil of him. Apart from other stories of his corruption, the basic induction as Deputy Director Cyber crime is a classic example of nepotism, incompetence and the power of photograph of Quaid e Azam on a paper issued by the State bank of Pakistan. But it would be a sweeping statement to bracket all FIA officers as incompetent like him. Sometimes people take a principled stand from the echelon of corrupt system. One such person in the instant matter was Ch.Amir Nazir who is a senior Deputy Director in Cyber Crime wing of FIA. He ,after raising the illegal induction of Tahir Khan at many levels, lodged a formal complaint to DG FIA. Initially an inquiry committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Mr. Nasir Mehmood Satti, Director/ Immigration, with Mr.Shahid Hassan, the then Deputy Director and Mr. Abid Hussain as it’s members. Upon the recommendation of this inquiry committee, a criminal Enquiry no.145/2020 was registered at ACC Islamabad. Mr. Tahir Khan tried his best create and used delaying tactics in order to stop it from reaching it’s logical conclusion. To his utter dismay the enquiry report was finalized and submitted for decision by Mr Shoukat Nawaz Assistant Director FIA. During the enquiry proceedings, startling revelations came to surface. The enquiry report disclosed that the illegal induction of Mr Tahir was initially detected by Mr Sherdil Pasand Khan Audit officer who pointed out this illegality in a very detailed manner. But since Mr Tahir has a great influence in the admin wing of FIA and FIA establishment section at Ministry of Interior so he was successful in suppressing such audit report. It was transpired that Mr Tahir was regularized as Application Developer (BPS-17) in the Counter Terrorism Wing(CTW/FIA) by the Establishment Division on 3rd February 2012 followed by Ministry of Interior on 24 February 2012. He resigned from this post of Application Developer (BPS-17)CTW/FIA on 06 December 2012 on the pretext of his selection as Forensic Expert in the Phase-II of FIA NR3C purely on contractual basis on lump sum pay package of Rs.75,000 per month. Later on the basis of forgery, deception, fraud, he got managed to regularize his services as Deputy Director (Forensic) BPS-1. Interestingly he got himself regularized at the post of Phase-I while he was recruited for Phase-II. He was not eligible for said regularization as being contract employee of Phase-II(only those employees of NR3C Phase-I were eligible for the process of regularization. Audit report for the year 2014-2015 has revealed that the services of Mr.Tahir Khan were regularized twice a year in first BPS-17 and then in BPS-18 by showing his date of appointment on contract basis as Application Developer/Deputy Director w.e.f 12.10.2012 by the Cabinet Sub-Committee which was illegal. Even the Audit further observed that clandestine means were used to convert regularization of service from BPS-17 to BPS-18. it observed that payment of pay and allowances of BPS-18 was irregular and unauthorized which resulted loss to the national exchequer. Mr.Jameel Ahmed Khan, the then Additional Director (Establishment) signed the forged summary for onward submission to MoI, showing Tahir Khan as working on Deputy Director/Forensic Expert (BPS-18) in NR3C Phase-I and his date of joining as 12.10.2006 in CTW under the heading “Date of Joining in NR3C Phase-I”. Interestingly the NR3C Phase-I was formally approved as a development project on 3rd March 2007 and job advertisement was published in August 2007. The meeting of the Cabinet Sub Committee was held on 13th December 2012 in which his service was regularized but Ministry of Interior regularized his service w.e.f 29.11.2012. It was revealed that Mr.Tahir Khan was drawing two concurrent salaries both from Counter Terrorism Wing(CTW) as well as National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C)Phase-II for the period of 8 months. After resignation he was not eligible to draw salary from CTW. The Enquiry officer has requested permission to register a case against Mr.Tahir Khan U/s 415,468,109,34PPC r/w 5(2)47PCA He further requested for probing the role of Officers of NR3C, FIA, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance. He further recommended separate departmental action under E&D Rules against Mr.Tahir Khan. The Director FIA Islamabad zone Mr Waqar Chohan PSP is a very brilliant and upright officer who has zero tolerance for corruption. But unfortunately now FIA is under the clutches of Sana Ullah Abbasi as it’s DG who is patronizing such corrupt elements by not taking any legal action. The incumbent DG FIA is busy either in making TikTok videos or registering baseless and frivolous cases against those journalists who dare to expose his malpractices. Unless FIA puts it’s own house in order it will remain a Frivolous Investigation Agency in the eyes of public.