Alleged of sexually assaulting two young girls sentenced to death


Mirpur, (Adnan Jabbar Mughal) : Muhammad Ramzan, a resident of Dina Jhelum, is sentenced to death by a speedy trial. He was accused of abusing a six-year-old girl in Mangla area on the outskirts of Mirpur district. The court sentenced the accused Mohammad Ramzan to death under section 377A-APC and ordered him to pay a fine of Rs 2 million. Ghulam Muhammad’s two young daughters, aged six and seven, were sexually assaulted by the accused. Additional Sessions Judge Jahangir Jral completed the hearing of the brutal incident in Mirpur in two months. According to the testimonies and witnesses’ medical reports, the verdict was pronounced on the conviction of the accused. The case was pursued by APP Asif Advocate and Syed Gohar Abbas Shah on behalf of the prosecution. “Such a speedy trial will make it possible to discourage criminals with this mindset and prevent crime”, Syed Gohar Abbas Shah said.