“Destructed education of Sindh”

Rajab Ali Rodnani
Recently IBA sukkur has made test for Junior elementary school teachers Bps 14 .Nearly three lac aspirants have appeared in teachers recruitment test but 99% failed in test. Like always, IBA has once again shown its extra standard in the question papers with few identified mistakes. The largest number of students have failed. According to the statics, 99% could not qualify the test. Indeed IBA always makes conceptual and tough paper. Most of the candidates failed. But in that reaction, people have started crying over the destruction of education in sindh province. They have blamed the teachers for not teaching well and they are not qualified enough to teach and they lack teaching methodologies. Their blames over existing teachers continues by sayibg that the teachers do not perform their duties properly. The result of their failures should never rise questions and blame game over the existing teachers. This is true that there is lack of science teachers and no teacher is 100% perfect butAll the teachers especially the recently appointed teachers since 2012 and onwards are performing their duties with full responsibilty and honestly. Despite the fact that the schools remain closed most of the time throughout the year but this is because of our highly talented and well qualified teachers that they still manage to complete the syllabus within short period of time. There are still many things that need to be changed which a single can not change alone such as copy culture, bribery in our institutes, selling marks to get high grades and many more, all the related stakeholders like parents, educational officiqls and civil society should collectively work on to fill the gaps as identified. According to my point of view, Government should take following necessary measurements for the battermment of education. 1. Government must stop increasing copy culture trend and selling of grades at any cast. 2. Government must provide basic facilities and required staff according to STR (Students Teachers Ratio) and SCR (Students Classroom Ratio). 3.Government should ensure its employees to perform duties strictly . 4.Officials should regularly visit each and every school in every month. If government rectifies these problems seriously then our education system will reach at top.After few years we all will bring a massive change in system and will succeed in providing quality education.

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