Cruel price in Turbat City

Gulnisa Shafi Hoshab
Turbat is one of the most populated cities in Balochistan where the price of petrol is increasing day by day before a month a liter of petrol cost 80 rupees but today a liter of petrol costs 120 rupees. Truthfully yesterday our school van called the shopkeeper of petrol pump how much a liter of petrol cost what shopkeeper replied a liter of petrol cost 120 rupees then I got Tepefied when I reached at my home our van driver said that he will not come to take us to our school due to hike the rate of the petrol and after that, I requested a new Van driver please, come tomorrow bring us to our school we don’t have school Car, and he replied that I will come but my Van monthly Philanthropism is 2000 for one student but we agreed to that high monthly Philanthropism. And what you feel in this inflation time the poor public can read in Turbat city, I think no one can read in this inflation time in Turbat city, maybe in others cities all the things are not that much expensive which is in Turbat city and Turbat city before a pointer pen cost 20 rupees but today it cost 50 rupees and before from others cities, a pen cost 20 rupees that today cost 25 rupees and students are compelled to leave their studies to start Porterage due to the cruel inflation. Finally, it is our request to the government of Balochistan to take action about the hike rate of the things in Turbat city as soon as possible.

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