Shewa Ram Suthar
The Sindh government has always been laid back; Teacher’s recruitment hasbeen delayed due to un-necessary hindrances. Sindh Government’s in-effective policies and delayed decisions have always affected the quality of the education system. Every year, the Department of Education needs to fill vacancies but persons at the helm of the affairs don’t pay attention. The recruitment process never started according to the policy of hiring, the vacant positions i.e. PST and JST are not being filled as per the number of retirees. The retirement ratio is increasing and the new hiring ratio is decreasing day by day. In 2013, when the Sindh government took JST and PST tests through National Testing Services- NTS, many poor intellectual candidates passed, they were not given offer orders and it was justified by Government through Reform Support Unit that the seats are not vacant. If the Sindh government had used the resources properly from the beginning, there would not have been any vacancy and the candidates who got more than 60% would not have been unemployed.When the NTS gave the final result of the candidate to RSU, it was obvious that the candidates should have been given space and should be accommodated in the future In fact, nothing happened. Those who had more than 60% marks were not even considered for any future opportunity. There were many talented candidates who could not get the job.RSU or Sindh government should have kept this result above 60% and put these candidates on standby for future opportunities and when the seat was vacant, they would have the right to be the first candidate.Unlike other countries, this has not happened at all. From 2013 to 2018, the government did not need any teachers. Later, in 2018, they filled some seats, and in 2021, they announced 46,000 vaccant posts across Sindh.But according to the policy, only two percent of the candidates could pass the IBA test and this time, we applaud the government for selecting the qualityhuman resource.But unfortunately, the government did not think at all about the JST and PST candidates who passed the test of National Testing Service (NTS) in 2013.Students with scores ranging from 60% to 88% went home without a reward or a satisfactory response from the education department. There were also some candidates above 65 % who paid the chalan for the verification of their degrees and academic docs from their reputable university. They paid the challan and verified other document with high hopes that they would get a job but unfortunately their hopes were crashed. On the contrary, it will be easier for the Sindh government to fill the vacancies by hiring NTS 2013 passedvirtuouscandidates.In 2013, female candidates were placed in different schools with grace Marks, but because of this, male candidates could not get the job even with a percentage of 87. In the NTS 2013 test, the Sindh government had a strange practice some of PST candidates who got even 84 % were not hired just because they prepared their PRC- D form late. The only excuse the government had was not to give jobs to poor candidates, who had complete right and who got more than 60%.Now there are more than 46,000 vacant seats across Sindh. The government should hire IBA 2021 pass candidates according to the criteria. And the remaining seats will be filled for the candidates who have got more than 60 percent in the test conducted by NTS in 2013. If seats remain vacant and are not filled even after the recruitment of both the IBA and NTS 2013 groups, then the government should advertise the vacancies in 2022 to fill the gaps. The education in the schools of Sindh province has already suffered by the pandemic (COVID-19) and the shortage of teachers, especially in the deprived districts of Umerkot and Tharparkar,also directly affected the poor taxpayerparents. Many candidates are taking money from their poor parents and giving it to the court so that their decision is in favor. It is requested that justice and fair system is practiced in the recruitment process. The candidates who have passed as per the government of Sindh criteria be given a fair recruitment opportunity.


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