Pakistan lost the Great legend.( Abdul Qadeer Khan)


Rabail Shah
Abdul Qadeer Khan was born on 1st of April 1936 in Bhopal which is the capital city of madya pardesh in India .He did his matriculation from a local school in Bhopal in 1952 then he emigrated from India to Pakistan and did his ( Bsc ) ” bachelor of science ” in physics from the University of Karachi .His father was a school teacher who once worked for the ministry of education and his mother was housewife, all of his family member’s had emigrated to Pakistan during the bloody partition of India in 1947.From 1956 to 1959 he was employed by the Karachi metropolitan corporation as an inspector of weights and measures . Once he applied for a scholarship that allowed him to study in west Germany.In 1961, he departed wast Germany to study material science at the technical university in wast Berlin.Where he accademically excelled in courses in metallurgy but he left west Berlin where he switched to the delft university of technology in the Netherlands in 1965.In 1967, he obtained an engineers degree in material science technology an equivalent to (MS) (master of science) he joined the doctoral program in metallurgical engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.In May 1974 he wanted to contribute the efforts to build an atomic bomb and met with officials at the Pakistan embassy in the Hague who dissuaded him saying it was “hard to find” a job in (PAEC) as a metallurgist in Aug 1974, he wrote a letter which unnoticed.He met with prime minister Zulifqar Ali Bhutto where he explained the significance of highly enriched uranium as the meeting comes to an end Zulifqar Ali Bhutto remarks that “he seems to make sense”.In April 76 He joined the atomic bomb program and became the part of enrichment division.In the military circles his scientific ability was well recognized and the national laboratory was renamed after him upon the visit of president Muhammad Zia Ul Haq in 1983.On 26 August 2021, he was admitted to (KRL) Khan research laboratory hospital after he tested positive for COVID-19. On 10th October 2021 he died at the age of 85 in Islamabad after transferred to (KRL) hospital with lungs problem.