India is a diverse country in every aspect!


Malik Shafqat Ullah
India is proving to be a diverse country in every aspect. I am sorry to say that India has never had such an intellectual technocrat, bureaucrat, politician, or stakeholder. By abolishing the implementation of British laws, he could give reforms and terms for the welfare and development, and prosperity of India. On the one hand, we commend the Indian people for always embracing democratic governance. But on a conscious level, the Indian people do not have the maturity that progressive nations have. The history of Indian democracy is a witness that till today the governments have talked about domestic prosperity, but instead of bringing infrastructure, administrative situation, and basic necessity, it is just a hatred at the external and internal level. If, Indian intellectuals argue that demographic diversity in India is the biggest challenge. So, I would like to give the example of China’s biggest country in footings of small and population than India. China has ensured the implementation of the rules and promoting industrialization in the country, and it has been overcome in such a big way. According to recent news, the current governing party in India has made it more controversial to all the institutions and equality of the country. Have become their factions. The Indian media behavior and government policies are clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has divided India at each level. Indian people seemed to be on the streets before the Corona. From universities, Gulshan Iqbal Park, including Gulshan Iqbal Park, was being anti-Modi slogans and protests. All of them were the policies that the Modi government had adopted. People of every nation and religion have tired of the government and adopt the path of protest. Sikhs, Muslims, Dalit, Kashmiri Pandits, and Muslims also protested against the government. Currently, forced LockDown in Kashmir, a year has passed more than ten days a year. Even today, Kashmiri people are suffering from state terrorism. According to a private news agency, the government has admitted before the Supreme Court that it has not been able to bring the backward castes on an equal footing with the upper castes based on merit. Seventy-five years after independence, the Dalits and other backward castes have always enjoyed a C and D category life. He has never been promoted to high positions in institutions. Even in high-end business and industrialization, the backward castes have the opportunity to work only as laborers. In 1932, the British occupying government tried to end this long-standing Hindu conflict by giving equal status to all Hindus in all spheres. Against which Gandhi went on a hunger strike to oppose the decision of the British government. As a result, a Poona packet came out in 1937. In the terms of the Poona Pact, there was talk of ending untouchability, giving reservations in government services, and making budget provision for the education of Dalits, but even after 74 years of independence, the condition of their implementation is pathetic. Dr. Ambedkar expressed his thoughts in a big meeting of the upper caste Hindus in Bombay on September 25, 1932, convened for the approval of the Poona Pact, and said, We have only one concern. Will future generations of Hindus follow this agreement? On this, all the upper caste Hindus said in one voice, “Yes, we will.” Dr. Ambedkar had besides said, “We see that, unfortunately, the Hindu sect is not an organized group but a federation of different sects. According to another private news agency of Asia, Former Facebook employees Hub Selbo and Francis Hogan, in a recent letter to the SEC, made serious shocking revelations about the right-wing parties of the Indian ruling party, especially the RSS. Are According to him, Facebook is being used by Modi cyber team and other hard-liner Hindu organizations including RSS to spread fake news against Muslims and prove them as extremists and terrorists. According to another report, India is a country where schools set up for the backward classes are mostly ghosts. At one rate, only one teacher is available for more than one lakh schools. According to India’s official newspaper, the Indian economy is also suffering from diversity. A conference was recently convened. According to Muslims and other small business groups there, since the Modi government came to power, it has taken full economic control of India. RSS and BJP stakeholders, industrialists, bankers have become stronger economically than ever before. On the contrary, state institutions, banks, and the organizations that run the wheel of the economy are now indebted to them. India has joined the ranks of countries like Yemen in terms of unemployment. And it has run out of more coal reserves. Due to this, India is currently suffering from the worst power crisis. India has also taken away the right to freedom of expression. According to a report, anti-Muslim spicy fake news is being sold on Indian TV channels including Pakistan and Afghanistan, or advertisements are being made from Narendra Modi’s washroom to his bedroom. The entire Indian media has now become a dock media that is spreading religious and national prejudice, both internally and externally, through propaganda. Perhaps these news organizations want to outdo each other in getting their names included in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to another institutional report, the number of rapes of depressed class female employees in the Indian Air Force and Army is increasing day by day. A backward caste commissioned girl in the army recently resigned from her job. In a video statement on social media, she said that female soldiers are deployed in the tents of officers in all military companies. Top military officers satisfy their lust for them. He said that when such an incident started happening to him, he resigned from his job in protest. After all these arguments, it is proved that the claims of the Modi government to be liberal are completely false. In the current situation, the Indian government is built on the politics of hatred, in which the entire population has no rights except the ideology of Hinduism and Brahmin Hindus. My question to the United Nations, pacifists, Asian Pacific group, and these human rights organizations that they have oppressed minorities in other Muslim countries including Pakistan, injustice, disenfranchisement, terrorism, religious extremism, violation of women’s rights, child The Labor Act shows unemployment and economic instability, but why not in India? The Taliban government in Afghanistan is being questioned, but why Modi is not questioning the government?