Born in a bourgeoisie I yearned to be well educated Toiling hard and striving for it Transformed me to realise the dream. Getting the job with ease Further strengthened and rejuvenated my self Was passionate to live a life of liberty, tranquillity and contentment. Tying the nuptial was my Late grandfather’s strong desire Hither and thither did he put options for me So much did he love me Closer to me was he than my father. For choosing the spouse Little did I put my efforts To seek a resplendent, virtous and obedient match At the very first meeting and gaze Did I show my assent. Post marriage, was I caught in mental trauma Relatives from the dou side Ailed, annoyed and displeased me Some calling me disloyal to parents While some belittling my spouse. Days, months and years passed To agonize me, seem their only aim was During nights in my cozy room Feeling displeased do I think Is it a routine for every married male ? Or am I the only victim ? Oh my lord ! Do show some mercy Lest I shall be lost..

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