Online education


Ali gul Napar
The covid -19 pandemic is geographically widespread in every region and thought-out the world. When the covid – 19 was spreading more in all over the world.Many countries decided about online education in all over the world .There are so many benefits of online education . When we start to get online education , we cannot loose our energy , we study very comfortable at home. If we study online , we can work easily . Due to covid 19 and we can save our life and others , for staying at home. On contrary , there seem many disadvantages of online education. Poor student cannot purchase android phones , how they can study through the online . Suppose, he possesses an android mobile, yet , he cannot afford it’s expensive internet packages . It is the biggest issue during the covid 19 and online education. Similarly, the classroom education is better than online education, as if we are in class , we can ask questions easily in classroom . Even we can understand because teacher is available in the classroom.If we study online education, we will not understand properly through the online education.Resultantly, covid 19 has worried all over the world. Covid 19 has swept education into opportunities and challenges . With the it’s emergence , students got in touch with technological knowledge and education at their home. While some problems like poor internet networks , resources and technology become hindrance in their education. Therefore, the government should look into the matter and provide sufficient tools to students for getting proper education during online education.