Influences of parent’s decisions on children’s careers


Zameer Aslam
Here is one of the astonishing issues throughout us, that every parents are choosing children’s career themselves. Owing to this act of parents today many students are lost in midway and most of them are giving up. The main reason is that they are lack of interests by the forcement of parents they came. Moreover, if we have a glance then we can see thousands of students are changing their targets and goals every year. Also children have right let them to decide the fieldsaccording to their own hobbies and abilities. They can perform their own choices better than yours. Furthermore, if a child follows a career path which is chosen by his or her parents, then there isn’t any doubt about that he or she will meet a lot challenges and pressures in their academic journey. College life is one of the best phases in the study life of a student where he or she can interestingly follow the targets and dreams to decide their bright future. Unfortunately, if parents lead this time period, neither children can get good careers nor they can spend their college life happily. Here I don’t mean children should ignore parents anyhow, of course not. But, also parents have to care about the areas of happiness, dreams and passions of them. Because they have the same feelings which you were having in your childhood. *Parents role in career guidance* In accordance, with many researches parents also have a vital role in a child’s life because they try their level best to give the most comfort and cozy things to their children. Even though, they think more than their children to see them in a successful life. On the other hand, they experienced their half lives and now they know much and more than children. But, everybody has a unique heart with different feelings and areas of happiness. It is damn clear parents never ponder a single dangerous thing for their closed or relevant souls. But ist also doubtless that children know in a well way to go where and select which field to have a bright future. *How children give up on midway* Many parents are they when they themselves failed their fields and they do not get their goals then they set the same things for children. In many case, some children follow the path which is selected by parents but most ot them don’t because they have another goals and target to achieve them and they expect something else for them and parents forced them for something else due to such case they can lead them towards a successful life and unfortunately they get fail and gave up on midway owning to forcement of parents decisions. Although, parents are educated they know better the position and negative angles of everythings which they faced in life. They were also children they as well had their own wishes and choices which they wanted to fulfill in childhood. Similarly, children are the same who parents were and now children are. In addition, now in this modern era its more common to set and chase own choises and targets. This is also allowed in Islam that every individual has right to select with own wishes whether that is marriage cases or study cases. Thus, parents have rights to guide them, to show them the clear path, to suggest them about good and bad but parents don’t have rights to force them for anything.*Disadvantages of forcement*The biggest disadvantage is wasting time because everythings go and come back but it is one and only things which goes then never be recalled. Here is one of the indecent issue which common nowadays around us. If we have this example that you catch a bird put that with cows in a shed then it won’t live long there. Owing to differences between them also a child as same like that bird which is not interested in a field parents take him or her forcibly there then he or she wouldn’t stay there for a long while. With no doubts they give up disappointingly and can’t meet parents expectations. On the other side parents again take them to somewhere else but time is wasted now the time, their classmates and colleagues all crossed just they are at the same place. So, its one of the biggest brutality with children to kill their wished and purpose to live in a happy life. *Give them fredom in study life* Let them choose the path of their study journey themselves. Make them tension free to go ahead happilly instead of sadness or forcement of parents. Patients have to take care of them, they must have glances what are they doing, They have full authority to prevent them from bad accompanies and negetive societies. But here my main purpose to mention that is not to interrupt in selection process of his or her life. Furthermore, they are matured, they know what to do, and what is good and bad for them. Then how will they devastate themselves? How will they elect a way to take them in dark future? How will they waste their time, money and parents expectations? Accordance with my points of view everyone know better about their interests, choices, and areas of happiness. So be friendly with children and allow them to have bright futures to lighten parents names too.