Dr AQ Khan worked at POF and Pak Steel with me, Says Gen. Qayyum


ISLAMABAD,   (Parliament Times) : Dr Abdul Qadeer’s demise is not only a shocking news for all Pakistanis but also for 1.5 billion people of the entire muslim world who felt proud when Pakistan became a nuclear power. Celebrations were reported from many countries of the Muslim world when pakistan did nuclear explosions. It was stated by Gen R Abdul Qayume while taking with Parliament Times, He told “As a soldier , I realise as to how important and crucial it was to achieve this deterrence to safe guard or territorial integrity and sovereignty. I was associated with Dr sahib as MS pm in mid nineties and later as chairman of POF and Pak steel. His contributions were indeed outstanding and unforgettable. I don’t know why it was considered essential to humiliate him on television . Whatever were the slips or loose ends if any , these needed to be addressed confidentially . Why the world is silent when Indian nuclear program is being supported openly in violation of international laws by USA and the west and Israeli covertly.
Dr AQ khan , Allah may bless his soul, was very kind to me personally”.