Muhammad Zarif
BMC hospital is considered one of the biggest government hospital in the capital but unfortunately, as result of lack of basic requirements put the residences of Quetta in hot water. Many patients have died due to not having good facalities which is a serious issue. All persons don’t have access to go private hospitals specially poor turn their face towards this hospital in order to get good treatment.This hospital suffers with many basic facalities likewise, it does not have enough medicines, it doesn’t have enough beds, lack of doctors is long lasting issue which needs to be solved as soon as possible.Doctors who have their duties not performing their duties honestly. When pateints visit this neglected government hospital and they can’t be able to find doctors in cause of emergency. Specially at night time doctors are not over there. Recently, A woman who gave birth a baby out side of bmc hospital which is a louche action. According to people over there woman was not allowed to enter therefore, she gave birth baby outside in publicly which is really a shameful act for concerned authorities. In short, It is requested to higher authorities to pay a visit this hospital and provide basic needs which are missing, and hard steps must be taken against those doctors who are not paying their duties honestly.



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