Rights in Balochistan

Muhammad Zarif
Balochistan is the biggest province of pakistan by term of area, and it is the richest province as well but unfortunately, people who are living in this unfortunate province are spending miserable life.When it comes to rights of colonizes in this province people are not receiving their rights completely. Basic right of inhabits are education, health and other social needs and these are totally missing.When it comes to education, the worst condition of education system has accelerated the tensions of all and Sunday. In this neglected province doesn’t have proper curriculm, students are compelled to read the old curriculm which is a serious issue.Further, some areas of balochistan where people are not aware the word education. When someone asks about education they get shock. If there is a school than it doesn’t have other facalities likewise, teachers, books, chairs, and pure drinking water.Besides, when some talks about the health facalities in hospitals in balochistan are not available many patients have died due to not having basic facalities in hospitals. When it comes to water facalities, some areas of the province are deprived of this blissing, for drinking water people have to go twenty miles which is unbearable. Government has failed to provide water to the residences. Entire balochistan one can not be able to find dams only there or two dams which are also far from population. In budget they announce to where construct dams when it comes to reality none can be able to find dams only these dams are limited in projects.Crimes are increasing day by day in the province a day doest go without a crime. Crimes are every day headlines of newspapers. But these crimanals are wondering, the law becomes failed to arrest them.Moreover, unemployment has become an other headache for settlers in balochistan, many candidates are unemployment in the province some aspirants have had their phds and mpils degrees but failed to get jobs.There are many reasons behind this towering issue, in the province nepotism is on it’s peak, second jobs are being sold only poor candidates have to fill the belly of statonaries and testing services. In short, It is humbly requested to Prime Minister of pakistan to take some serious steps regarding above mentioned issues as soon as possible.

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