Sindhi Adabi Sangat Program in Mirpur Bathoro



SUJAWAL: Speakers paid rich tributes to eminent poet, historian, academia, writer and lawyer Ghulam Hussain Rangrez here at an event organized under the auspices of Sindhi Adabi Sangat on the eve of his Chehlum in Mirpur Bathoro his hometown.
People hailing from different walks of life addressed the gathering and extolled the services of stalwart historian and ideologist Ghulam Hussain Rangrez who had phenomenal contributions in the field of Sindhi literature.

His colleague and renowned writer Anwer Azad said that Rangrez was a gifted person who was optimistic about the bright future of Sindh adding that he educated the people of Sindh through his incredible literary works particularly poetry and write ups about the history of Sindh.

Well-known writer and ideologist Taj Joyo said that He was a progressive poet who took Sindhi literature to new destinations by putting down innovative thoughts and ideas through poetry and research work regarding the history of Sindh. “Ranngrez was an immense source of encouragement and hope for many dejected souls”; he said.

Rangrez had his own identity following his distinct style of poetry that carried inspirational ideas in it; said Nationalist leader Nawaz Khan Zahur. He further said People of Sindh needed to follow his teachings in the times of trial and tribulation.

Historian Obhayo Khan Khushik said that “The work of Rangrez will always keep reminding us of our glorious past adding that he has identically depicted each and every aspect of our culture through his poetry.

Sindhi Adabi Sangat launched his Biography “Jarokan Man Jatiyo”, addressing the gathering secretary general of SAS Ahmed Solangi vowed to publish more literary works of prominent poet. Earlier a large number of his admirers’ members of SAS, and his students laid floral wreaths on the grave of Ghulam Hussain Rangrez.