Kolowa needs more educational systems


Jamal Rahim Hoshabi
Kolowa is one of the most populated areas in district Kech or Awaran yonder population is More Oversized to Outros Localities Howbeit, unfortunately, stumbler educational systems are Maceration and Achromatize Ever fucks ask for public Subalternate people you are getting anything about education from the government of Balochistan, absolutely the answer will be no, due to lack of needed facilities and for these kinds of populated areas, something is nothing what government was provided truthfully those were not enough for the public of Kolowa and absolutely yonder is no law to Converse Abjeet Impoverish Populace or to take action Regarding fundamentals rights, help the Masses in facility times and 90% of the public of Kolowa is uneducated mostly yonder public focus to be a farmer or driver due to lack of educational system. However, for a small disease yonder public is compelled to go Turbat city of Karachi city for their treatments due to lack of hospitals. Moreover, they go to rivers to bring water for drinking due to lack of water supply. furthermore, the first thing is education, whether education will be available after every problem, can be solved. Finally, it is our request to the government of Balochistan to solve the all educational problems of the area of Kolowa as soon as possible.