Status of Woman

Fawad Hussain Samo
Women are not safe and secure anywhere. Recent incidents were , obviously, indicative of an insecure environment for women in four walls even. They are not safe and secure on the motorway, on the road, on the bus, in the office and at home as well. Unfortunately the daughter of Eve is not safe and secure in the grave which is her last resting place hereafter. It is the woman who is , at the same time, daughter, wife , sister and mother. Our Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W taught us by respecting her daughter zahara Salla Mulah Alleha, when she used to come, He, S.A.W.W used to stand up in her honour and respect. Our Holy prophet delivered open and clear lessons to His ummah by practicing whatever He said. However, in our society her status, given her in our religion, has been neglected. She has not been respected as our religion Islam has bestowed the status of woman. The Joint Family system used to be a shield for women in violence committed against them at homes and houses by any individual in families. Moral and social values have reduced the status of women particularly in our society. These consecutive incidents that happened in different cities of Pakistan are obvious examples of separate living styles of families from their parents. The mother of four children from Hyderabad was brutally killed by her husband. Male individual is also at the breath is son, brother, father and husband. If parents develop character building and infuse moral and social values in their teenage mind, I think, we will be able to produce healthy and broad minded young ones. life then will be heaven for parents. Education is a fundamental element to create a healthy, and neat and clean society. Therefore our Holy prophets put emphasis on obtaining education from cradle to grave. Close relations and values are abated due to the careless attitude of young people who on the demand of their wives adopt separate living so that the husbands avail the chance and murder their wives without any resistance put up by any elderly one in the family. Culprits involved in murders have not been punished severely so far that’s why the same violence is being carried out with women all over the country.

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