Samreen Junaid: A Most Inspiring Woman


Naeem Kandwal
Asian women are facing persistent constraints in achieving gender equality and empowerment, despite their progress in recent years. Existing circumstances points to the fact that despite considerable progress (especially with regard to employment, education and health) critical gender gaps persist. Across all South Asian countries, patriarchal values and social norms tend to privilege men and boys’ access to opportunities and control over resources. There are some brave women who are succeeding in spite of these difficult circumstances. Samreen Junaid is one of them. She hails from Karachi. She is a great example of women empowerment. Samreen Junaid is a nutritionist, cooking expert, food stylist, inspiring, energetic educationist, social activist and entrepreneur mentor who has changed many lives through her amazing trainings, which she has conducted for different companies and institutions. She is the Managing Director of SJ Holdings Private Limited & all SJ groups including SJ Pizzeria, Pizzeria 360, SJ Foods and event management, Kun Foods, SJ CSR HUB, SJ E Market and SJ E Market for Women. She’s the Chairperson of Women Entrepreneur Academy, Women Empowerment Network (WEN) and Global Chefs & Food Awards (GCFA). She is Chef at masala tv and Recipe writer in both Urdu and English magazines. She is also a Radio Presenter (MJ) at lifestyleradio. online (1st online global radio). Samreen Junaid is a multi-talented Woman. She was position holder throughout her educational journey. She used to get A++ on 98% projects in her educational life. When she was in grade 12th was selected out of 5000 girls and interviewed on National TV for her brilliance. She earned the title Miss Candy by LU Biscuits judged by national and international judges in the series of cooking competition held among all Karachi girls’ colleges. She was awarded by JUNG GROUP as a BEST STUDENT OF THE COLLEGE only 10 girls were awarded throughout Karachi. Her Painting was selected in Anti-Narcotics painting competition, out of 50,000 paintings only 50 were selected her painting was one of them. She was elected as a General Secretary for the students’ council of her college with visible difference she got 1279 votes whereas her competitor got just 149 votes. She has done more than 25 courses of handy crafts from different institutions even during her career she completed many educational trainings & courses. She was awarded several times from all of her workplaces for her brilliant efforts, creative and hard work, innovative ideas, loyalty and sincerity with the organizations. Samreen Junaid is Holding 20 plus years’ sound working experience in well-known educational institutions and corporate companies. During her career she has worked with Beaconhouse School System, The City School, Mama Baby Care School, and affiliated with many leading social organizations working as social activist in different domains according to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including foods & Nutrition, teachers and youth training, women empowerment, child protection & education. She’s under the process of signing MOUs with some renowned institutions, organizations & brands. She has appeared in different TV channels including Hum- Masala Tv, ARY DIGITAL, DAWN NEWS, TV one, Awaz TV, SINDH TV and many others as a cooking expert, food stylist, nutritionist and educationist. She has been interviewed and received many awards for her amazing work and contribution for Foods & Nutrition, women empowerment, education and CSR activities in Pakistan.Samreen Junaid is a great example of Women Empowerment. Empowering women and girls have been a top priority for her. When I asked her about SJ WOMEN EMPOWERMENT NETWORK ( SJ WEN ), she said: “SJ WEN is the wellbeing, skills and leadership networking opportunity where all the women can be connected with tremendously influential women from corporate sector to businesswomen and learn all the secrets of a successful personal, social and professional life by sharing each other experiences. WEN is the only advisory service key for connectivity, encouragement, efficient trainings to help a woman make her dreams come true by converting her imagination into reality. Our mission is to Educate, Facilitate & Empower women to make them a successful feminine of the Globe. “WEN” is for every woman, whether she is a job oriented feminine, successful business woman or just started a business or thinking to start a business or even a housewife, We believe that every woman plays a vital role in the society and deserve a special identity on the globe that’s why we welcome all the women on our platform to make a cluster of stars to rise and shine together with an individual uniqueness. SJ WOMEN EMPOWERMENT NETWORK’s official inauguration ceremony was held at the MARRIOTT HOTEL”. Pakistan’s first free women’s platform SJ WOMEN EMPWERMENT NETWORK (SJ WEN) with the slogan Empowered Women Empower Women! Cake cutting ceremony was done by BUSHRA AMIWALA First Youngest Elected Muslim Official Parliament Member of U.S. with RABIA SHAHZAD National Junior Powerlifting Champion Asian Silver Medalist, First Pakistani Female Weightlifter to win Gold Internationally with the Founder & Managing Director SAMREEN JUNAID, along with many other brilliant souls. Furthermore she told us about her another venture Global Chefs and Foodies Club, she is the Founder Chairperson of this platform, she said: “On 7th July 2021 I organized the Food Summit & Chefs Awards this type of event was for the very first time ever in the history of PAKISTAN where the chief guest was “Mr. Hari Raam Food Minister”, all the renowned chefs including Chef Gulzaar, Shireen Anwer, Zarnak Sidhwa, Chef Muqeem Soomro any other chefs and celebrities were invited not only from throughout Pakistan but chef from Turkey also joint the event, the footfall was 2200 plus”.Moreover, Samreen Junaid is serving humanity by helping white collar people by collecting old stuff from friends and family and giving to only white-collar people. She does not have any NGO but she is working with in her own capacity. Her other forums are SJ E-Market, SJ E-Market for women and SJ Job Opportunities. ALL OF THESE PLATFORMS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE, SHE DOES NOT CHARGE EVEN A SINGLE PENNY FOR HER EFFORTS AND SUPPORT TO THE MANKIND.Samreen Junaid is an exemplary woman. She is a great example of what a “woman” can do inspite of Social problems. She has proved that women can do everything. She is a multi-talented woman. She has proved that women can do everything at the same time. Her story is highly inspiring. She is a role model for young girls. To me, she is one of the most inspiring women.