Justice remain silence


Hathoon bibi
No doubt that the head of medical test center did injustice to the Quetta medical student. So they have boycotted in order to get students legal privileges. During this journey of Justice many young medical students lost their lives as recently, a medical female pupil Hani baloch who became the victim of Rangers gas during revolt. She lost her life though she was innocent. Not any justice for medical students nor for innocents who lost their lives in the path.This issue isn’t only raised by Quetta students as all students organization had taken the step. As on 26 September 2021 the BSO pajjar Turbat zone protested against the Quetta police who had illegally arrested the BSO pajjar members and students in Turbat city. It black and white that it was not the valid result, that among thousands students only three passed the test. So, nobody can now do anything for those who had lost their lives but it isn’t too late to do something for the alive ones. As we request to government to solve out the issue of medical students as soon as possible, so that any other won’t be compel to do suicide as one did before few days.