Justice for Hani Baloch


Altaf Adam
The protesting of all students against entry test remained unsolved so far. The all students fe/males have held a protest against online entry test of PMC since 10 days ago. But unluckily, there is no any respone came from government. During the protest all students were beaten and baton-charged and wounded several students. The seniour member of BSO Hani Baloch who was involved in protest passed away due to gas shelling and baton-charge by police. It refers the weak sides of government that he is killing and wounding the students instead of listening and solving their legitimate demands. Moreover, a number of other students got wounded and admitted to the hospital included females due to baton charge of police. The stonishing reason goes that Baloch students became helpless in the battle of their life’s basic rights. The current government failed to address the genuine issue of students. It is highly requested to Prime minister of Pakistan to address the genuine issue and solve their legitimate demands.