Plan to construct civilian international airport under consideration


Mian Rashid Asghar

FAISALABAD: National Group (NG) has transformed the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) into an informal Business University that is successfully resolving the issues of the Business Community on fast track basis, said Mian Muhammad Idrees Chairman National Group.

Addressing a reception dinner hosted by Mr. Shahid Nadeem, Chief Executive Zara Chemicals in the honor of newly elected President FCCI Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh, he said that Faisalabad is full of competent and highly specialized business entrepreneurs.

He said adding that, with the direct involvement of “Lions Club International” it has further harnessed the professional skills of the “would be business leaders” by providing them guidance to develop their own teams of dedicated workers, explicitly pleading the issues of Business Community at the highest forums and resolving the same through concerted efforts.
He confirmed that every year a new leadership emerges and tries its optimum best to deliver maximum satisfaction.
He said that he himself started his career from the Lions Club. Then afterwards he became the president of the FCCI and later elevated to head the FPCCI.
This training helped him to depict successfully Pakistan as the president of the D-8 which comprises 20 different countries”, he said and added that it was yet another honor for him to become international director of the Lions Club.
Now, I want to harness the skills of our youth so that they could serve the nation and country with a renewed commitment and zeal, further he added.

He furthermore elaborated that, this city has given us an opportunity to build industrial empires and earn respect. However, now it is time to pay back to the city. He said that during the last 24 years this chamber has played a key role to facilitate the Business Community in addition to contributing its role in the overall uplift of Faisalabad city. He affirmed that he will welcome every interested and capable person to join FCCI and serve it for the betterment of the business community and city.
Earlier, newly elected president Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh said that he has been elected to serve the business community.
It is a very sacred task and he is fully exploiting the potential of his wingers and executive committee to supplement his efforts to work in unison for the betterment of the business community and this metropolis. He said adding that the first executive committee meeting was held in which we shared informally our vision to resolve the immediate issues and hopefully this team will deliver a much faster pace.
He further confirmed that he will develop close liaison with the government to resolve the core issues. He is optimistic that due to his performance National Group will emerge stronger and effective during the next election.
He also appreciated the efforts of the retiring president and said that the projects initiated by him would be completed in addition to starting new and innovative projects.
Retiring President Engineer Ihtesham Javed said that former president Shabbir Chawla had conceived the idea of Faisalabad Expo-Center.
He worked on it and hopefully Atif Munir will be able to start its construction work. During the tenure of Engineer Rizwan Ashraf, international flights were started from Faisalabad.
Now a proposal is under consideration for the construction of an independent civilian International Airport. He further hoped that Atif Munir would also play his role to materialize this ambitious project. He said that he had worked for the welfare of the business community and in this connection the first Corona Vaccination center for the business community was established in FCCI, where more than ten thousand (10,000) Jobs have been given so far.
Mr. Mugheez Khokhar President Faisalabad Dyes and Chemical Merchants Association appreciated the services of Atif Munir and hoped that now he will serve the business community to scale up this industrial hub.
Later, Dr. Faraz Saeed Qureshi and Mr. Shahid Nadeem CEO Zara Chemicals offered vote of thanks.
Senior Vice President Mr. Imran Mehmood Sheikh, Vice President Rana Fayyaz Ahmed, former Presidents Sheikh Muhammad Saeed, Rana Sikandar Azam, Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz, Mr. Ayub Sabir, Rizwan Ashraf and Zia Alamdar also participated in this reception dinner.