Required facilities for library

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Jamal Rahim
The library is such a comfortable place where students go for studying because stumbler is no disturbing system and most students do their homework or Self-study in a library and reading in a library will be a great habit for those who go presently. Thus, libraries are keys of rooms you are satisfied to get knowledge. Water for libraries Water is one of the needed things for the library but without water, a library is not called a library and during the time of reading water must be available in the library whether a student studies for two or three hours one glass of water is not cover the thing in a good way. So for a student, a glass of water must be in an hour when someone is reading. Thus, a library without water is not called a library. Newspaper for library Newspaper plays a Great role in the world for libraries, students because of reading newspaper the mind of the reader will be updated of fresh readers cover some informative knowledge and will be aware of the world what is going on but by the truth not every student may go in the bazaar from newspaper shop to buy a newspaper and must the peon of that library buy one newspaper to bring students and students must read the newspaper one by, due to like this way much money cannot be spent also the precious time will not be wasted it will save for the followers of the rule. Canteen for libraries Canteen is a restaurant which provides by an organization in a library the best canteen must and due to lack of canteen the time of the students will be wasted because whenever a student gets hungry Ina library, she/he goes away from the library than his/her time will be wasted whether a canteen can be available near to library is best for the students, and it will be near the time of students cannot be wasted. Finally, the canteen plays a Great role for the students. Solar system for libraries The solar system is one of the best ways for libraries because all the day it is present where it is available. Mostly the solar system is not available from the library in Pakistan and dies due to lack of electricity students are facing issues whether the solar system will be available in the library. Students will not face problems and students cannot go on the road to protest to blame the government for electricity, they will be comfortable with their studies. Internet system in the library The Internet also plays a great for students in libraries because this internet makes everything possible in the world, and mostly we see our country internet is not available from libraries every time our country students are getting failed not powerful like another country. Because in other countries in the library the internet is available when they get problems directly they go to the internet and solve it and when we get a study problem it cannot be due to lack of internet in libraries

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