Your Time is in Your Hands


Samra Ch
Life is too short to be wasted in silly activities. Nowadays, there is a war waged on social media regarding new dresses, shoes, jewelry etc. Every other page and channel is about makeup tutorials, cooking dishes, and wearing classy dresses, and uploading every moment on social media, throwing masses into the ocean of inferiority complex. Undoubtedly, this paraphernalia is essential, yet not the only required component oflifewithout which life seems impossible. It is not true that one cannot improve his living style without such stuff.Life demands more than this.It is very precious; Time and tide wait for none. It should be managed most constructively. Keep things simple and easy.Do not waste time in an idle sitting.If you are a student, focus on your studies inthe first place. In your extra time, read books and write a book review or a recently watched movie.If you are interested in trends and styles, do some shopping that matches your budget, watch makeup tutorials to make yourself appear cool,but remember,do not let these things waste your essentialtime.These trappings are crucial, but they do not build your career or improve your living standard. They cannot provide you with a demanded degree or cannot set a valuable business for you.So keep your aims high and pass your time actively in creative and dynamic ways.