“Role of education in developing countries”


Urooj Nadeem Tunio
There is a saying of NELSON MANDELA: that “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change rhe world”, similarly this weapon ( EDUCATION) plays a vital role in the developing countries. If the people of a country are educated, they can really help to develop the state. THE first step for the development of a country is to make the educational system powerful and effective. Such policies and programs in the education structure should be enlarged to aim higher achievement, standards and goals. The technological system should be introduced for the betterment in education sector. Moreover, its fact of matter that education has a significant role in the economic development of any country. It generates modern and scientific ideas in people. Additionally, education is the best tool to polish human’s all kind of skills in every walk of life. Its education , knowledge and skills of individuals through which one can develope the sense of economy which is believed to be the backbone and source of survival for any developed country. Today , those countries which call them developed one are mainly because of their economic glory and their such an astounding states distinguishes them owing to their education plight and supremacy. The major hurdles in the way of developing countries are corruption , dearth of accountability , poverty and disuse of budget. Simultaneously, developed countries make the most of their resources.Resultantly, their progress is inevitable. Besides, such welfare states come out open heartedly to assist those declining countries so as to raise the literacy rates. In order to make best use of funds, the schools ought to be built of such standards which must meet the modern requirements . They should not be traditional and conventional .Furthermore ,Teachers of high quality must be recruited on purely merit. Because of pandemic, our everything has suffered but covid-19 proved to be the great setback for education . Thus, it should be paid special heed and concern for the rehabilitation of loss created owing to epidemic .