Freedom of Speech


Sayad Dilmurad
Freedom of speech is one of the right including it into human rights. It is for everyone from birth until death. As a result, when it is not given then one suffers from miseries a lot. In reality as a man is born free and he/she has right to live free. It is one the fundamental right for every individual. Without this one can not spend a peaceful life. However, when one give a glance across the world many are enforced by others then it gets a meaning that they are not getting their basic rights and freedom of speech. As this world become a global village everyone is well aware about everything a to z but still we do not see justice and freedom. In addition Balochistan is one of the province of Pakistan where people are not getting their rights as well as mostly females. Also they do not have well desires wishes and dreams because they are ignored. Also one knows every human has desires or dreams in their own life but they are still restricted. As intercompce to others provinces or countries the condition of loved Balochistan is more addlement because the others womans of the provinces or countries walk in night but Baloch women are in fear of darkness with open eyes. We only want to flicker the ball and fly on the sky without any problem but our wings are cut aforehand flying and our dreams are buried before being completed by our society. So, human rights and freedoms are respected and rights, please respect them.