Water crisis in Pakistan


Urooj Nadeem Tunio
Life is impossible and unimaginable without water, yet in Pakistan there is great level of shortage of water. It is running short to meet the needs . Since, (1947) Pakistan came in to existence, it has been addressing many problems, but with the passage of time we prevailed ove various issues except water crises. It was probably 2005 when country got the name included in the list of countries facing water shortage and maintaining the rank among water stressed countries. As per reports the alarm bells have been started ringing by water scarcity, rivers have seared due to low rainfall , while in Punjab, where one had to go to a depth of 50 feet’s to draw groundwater level , now one has to go to the depth of 600 feet’s, where India besides carrying on to shut the water substandard then ever before. There are multifarious causes of water shortage, but the major one behind the issue is population, its population that is increasing rapidly at the rate of 3.2% presently, if the increase rate of population remains the same, then it will be almost double by the year (2025) hence, the consumption of underground water will reach at aggrieved level. Another factors such as global warming and other climate change are also added to the causes of water crisis. The human body can can scarcely survive without water. The main outcome is that the immoderate pumping of underground water, the standard of underground water is being polluted rapidly with heavy maters like copper, Nickel and cobalt e.t.c , which are the sources of lay of hepatitis in the people of Pakistan. The drinking water is getting contaminated day by day . Moreover, along with many health issues, the education of those children is being affected, who are suffering from various disease due to lack of water. Solutions: The complications regarding water scarcity can be solved by quickly constructing dams, and canals due to critical condition concerning to water shortage. The awareness should bring out to the people about this issue, so that the water may not be wasted. There is an huge requirement to upgrade and go through new technology related to irrigation system. Pakistan is going through to the procedure of running out of fresh water resources, so far not absolutely become water inadequate country. There are given solutions to the water scarcity crisis, but the stern execution is needed to set back the process. So, that how we can overcome to this water scarcity crisis.