Khan’s Domineering Speech To UNGA


Naeem Kandwal
Speaking is at the core of effective leadership. Speaking skills are considered to be the most imperative skills a political leader must have. Speaking skills helps you sell better, inspire people, and boost your career. If you want to be a good leader, You need to master the art of public speaking. Leaders must have strong public speaking skills so that they can easily communicate the messages. When you speak, you are telling others something that you think is important. A leader is nothing without his or her following. If you are a leader with good speaking skills, you will eventually find a following of people who are willing to support you at every level. If you can speak clearly, concisely and wisely, you will be able to get public attention easily. Imran Khan has proved himself a true democratic leader with leadership skills. He has proved himself a good speaker. Thats why, he is one of most-followed world leaders. His domineering speech to the UNGA forum has been the focus of world attention. COVID-19 has severely affected the global economy and financial markets. Global economy has been hit hard by the pandemic. Covid-19 and its secondary impacts are causing suffering and disruption around the world, especially in developing countries. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has been successful so far in containing the Covid pandemic. Even, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom praised Pakistan’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Khan mentioned his success and said “By the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan has been successful so far in containing the Covid pandemic. Our calibrated strategy of ‘smart lockdowns’ helped save lives and livelihoods and kept the economy afloat. Over 15 million families survived through our social protection programme of Ehsaas”. Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Climate change is certainly one of the top problems facing the world. PTI government’s tree plantation project has been appreciated globally. The UK premier said that his counterpart’s example should be followed, and emphasized humanity’s need to grow up to tackle climate change. Khan said “Being fully aware of our global responsibilities, we have embarked upon game-changing environmental programmes: reforesting Pakistan through our 10 billion tree tsunami; preserving natural habitats; switching to renewable energy; removing pollution from our cities; and adapting to the impacts of climate change”.Corruption occurs in all civilizations. It is a big challenge for developing countries. It has many different shapes as well as many various effects, both on the economy and the society at large. Corruption thus inhibits economic growth and affects business operations, employment and investments. It also reduces tax revenue and the effectiveness of various financial assistance programs. Imran Khan highlighted the harmful effects of corruption, and said” Because of the plunder of the developing world by their corrupt ruling elites, the gap between the rich and the poor countries is increasing at an alarming speed. Through this platform, I have been drawing the world’s attention towards the scourge of illicit financial flows from developing countries”.It is deeply regrettable to incite Islamophobia and the spread of hatred in the name of freedom of expression. Muslim countries should work collectively to counter Islamophobia. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has proved himself as the “ambassador of Muslims”. He said” Islamophobia is another pernicious phenomenon that we all need to collectively combat. I call on the Secretary-General to convene a global dialogue on countering the rise of Islamophobia. Our parallel efforts, at the same time, should be to promote interfaith harmony, and they should continue. The worst and most pervasive form of Islamophobia now rules India. The hate-filled ‘Hindutva’ ideology, propagated by the fascist RSS-BJP regime, has unleashed a reign of fear and violence against India’s 200 million strong Muslim community”. Indian army has crossed all limits of cruelty in Indian Occupied Kashmir. It has become a routine matter for the benumbed Indian security forces to deprive the Kashmiri youth of their lives through such operations. Indian forces, under the Modi’s rule, have been crossing all previous limits in their brazen acts of human rights violations. Khan has brave¬ly fought the Kashmir cause at every forum. All the credit goes to the prime min¬ister for highlighting the Kashmir issue at global level. He has proved himself the ambassador of Kashmir Cause. Khan said “We have unveiled a detailed dossier on gross and systematic violations of human rights by the Indian Security Forces in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This repression is accompanied by illegal efforts to change the demographic structure of the occupied territory, and transform it from a Muslim majority into a Muslim minority. Indian actions violate the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Jammu and Kashmir. The resolutions clearly prescribe that the “final disposition” of the disputed territory should be decided by its people, through a free and impartial plebiscite held under the UN auspices. India’s actions in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir also violate International Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws, including the 4th Geneva Convention, and amount to “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity.”” Prime Minister Imran Khan has a keen eye on domestic affairs as well as Internatiional affairs. It is highly commendable to describe the global challenges in a short speech. Through domineering speech, he exposed Indian atrocities in Jammu & Kashmir. It is highly commendable.