Islamabad  is first trans-inclusive city of Pakistan: Nayyab
Shazia Tahir;
Islamabad,(Parliament Times): Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists in collaboration with International Federation of Journalists with support of Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan (TRCP) collectively organized a capacity building workshop with media persons at the National Press Club Islamabad.
The session was titled “Transgender Inclusion & Social Cohesion”, part of the larger initiative for Islamabad to become the world’s first ever trans inclusive city (TIC), said Nayyab Ali. Topics covered were the ethical representation of the transgender/khawaja sira community in the media, journalists responsibility towards fair and less sensationalized reporting in regard to the aforementioned community, and the positive role media persons ca9n play in increased acceptance and mainstreaming of a traditionally marginalised gender group and furthering rights.
The session was presided by Chaudhry Shakeel, President of the Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists, and led by Nayyab Ali and Sherkan Malik, both Directors of the TRCP.
Special attention was given to remind the media not to use the term ‘shemale’ when referring to gender minorities, and materials such as TRCP’s booklet named ‘Gender Sensitive Terminologies for Media Persons” & copies of the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights) Act 2018.

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